Welcome to A Kind Inner Voice

You know how people

are hard on themselves


  • They are not smart enough…
  • or thin enough….
  • not organized or productive enough…
  • not patient or athletic or creative enough…
  • or not successful in ways that matter to them…

Whatever their struggles, they blame themselves and live with an undercurrent of worry and frustration. It is a painful place to be ... because we live with ourselves 24/7 and when we are constantly disappointed in ourselves, it is like having a negative teacher or boss. It slows us down and sometimes even paralyzes us completely.

And because that negativity comes from within, we just can’t get away from it!

Does being critical of ourselves really help us to do better? Please believe me, it DOESN’T!!!

In fact, that ongoing criticism and judgment actually slows us down and drains our energy. Our "inner critic" (the part of us that is never happy with what we do or how we do it) usually has good intentions. It wants us be successful in our lives. But it is going about it in exactly the wrong way!

There is a much better way to feel better and DO better!

I have helped thousands of people become more productive and successful by strengthening a kind inner voice within themselves that can help them reach their personal goals by replacing blame and criticism with kindness, encouragement and gentle firmness.

The step-by-step Kind Inner Voice process is simple, intuitive and powerful. It is like getting a new teacher or boss who is helpful, encouraging and inspiring! Facing the challenges of life from a foundation of kindness and encouragement will help you to be happier, healthier and more productive each and every day.

I put together a video series demonstrating how to find your kind inner voice and I have uploaded and made that series available for free!

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