About Carolyn Lewis

I am Carolyn Lewis, creator of the Kind Inner Voice classes and video. I am also the founder of the Wellspring Hypnotherapy and EFT Center in Essex Junction, Vermont. Using hypnosis and related techniques, I help my clients accomplish all sorts of personal goals, from quitting smoking or dealing with fears and anxiety, to becoming more patient parents, better athletes or more dynamic public speakers. These powerful techniques can help with almost anything! You can visit the Wellspring website at www.wellspringhypno.com to learn more about how hypnotherapy and the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) work.

I have been interested in “personal growth” as long as I can remember. As a shy and somewhat sad child, I used to study people and wonder how they could be so “brave” and “happy”. As a teenager I was intrigued by a popular book of the time: How to Be Your Own Best Friend. This book planted the seeds of realization that I wanted to learn how to have a positive relationship with myself. I began to find my own path to self esteem when I learned self-hypnosis in my twenties.

When I became a mother I wanted to help my children develop the self confidence I had lacked as a child. As I nurtured my childrens’ self esteem, I began to pay attention to the way I was treating myself. And so my “Kind Inner Voice” journey began. I was amazed to realize how frequently I criticized myself. If I was working late I told myself I was a “bad mother” but if I left things undone at work to get home on time, I would tell myself I was “bad at my job”. If I made a quick dinner it “wasn’t good enough” but if I took too long cooking dinner I felt guilty for not spending more time with my family. If I went for a run I thought of all the things that weren’t getting done, but if I didn’t get exercise I thought I was lazy. You get the idea… I just couldn’t win! The more I paid attention to my own inner dialogue the more I understood why I often felt tense, worried and stressed. No matter what I did I was always finding fault with myself! I realized I would never talk to a friend in that way and I was going to figure out a way to change.

At about this time, I had completed my hypnotherapy training. As a hypnotherapist, I had many of the tools I needed at my fingertips. I just had to figure out how to use them to help myself in this particular way. I have been deepening my own “Kind Inner Voice” for over a decade now and though I sometimes need to be firm with myself, the firmness now carries a kind tone rather than a nasty or threatening one. The kinder I am to myself, the happier and more productive I become.

I quickly discovered that this gentle approach to self improvement was greatly magnifying the results of my hypnotherapy clients. All of the techniques I teach in the Kind Inner Voice classes and video have been thoroughly “field tested” by me and many of my clients. They have worked for men and women in all walks of life and I often modify them to help children as well. I would love to hear from you about any ways you are finding your own "Kind Inner Voice" is helping you in your life.